What happened in 1851?

Why Agidingbi?

In the year 1851, the infamous HMS Bloodhound has set sail from England and berthed in Lagos, with one objective: Attack and take control of Lagos.


This is started as a battle between Oba Kosoko and his uncle, Oba Akitoye.


Kosoko wants the throne, but Akitoye with support from the British forces wants it more.


Whoever rules Lagos controls and holds major trade influence in the West African region.


The British forces invade Lagos then re-installs Oba Akitoye as the Oba of Lagos.

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The game is currently available on Google Play Store and IOS App Store, and will soon be available to play online.
No, you do not need internet connection to play the game. However you would need a stable internet connection to download and set up the game on your device.
Yes, users can play on either sides (Either as the Eko Defenders or the British Invaders). Users also have the option to play against the computer or with another user.
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